Capital Belting


As a first project for a new client, we were given a puzzle.

How do you supply a cost-effective sample folder but the only existing binder available is old, too big, it came from a Dutch company that no longer exists, there are no templates or artworks available, and the print run is very limited. What can you do?

Well, using flat bed cutters and Direct to media printing, we devised a very simple roll fold binder from 4mm Correx. A 45° bevel cut was made across the grain on the inside allowing the binder to be folded up when printed.

We sourced the extra long Binding rods, applied a Clear USB card holder on the inside to hold product information and once collated with the belt samples, the whole thing was held shut by Velcro dots.

This method allowed for the short print run required, easily create 4 types of binder to form a set and present a finished item that will not rip, crease or fade, remains strong and very presentable to prospective clients.